Foreign Service officer since 1991 – now with the rank of Minister Plenipotentiary – Mario Vattani has served in the United States and Egypt both in the economic and the consular field, then gaining extensive experience in Japan, with a focus on economic and cultural relations.

Fluent in Japanese language, and author of the 2014 research: イタリにおける日本愛の形成経緯:明治維新から1945年、親密な日伊政治関係の中での文化の重要性 (“Building an Italian passion for Japan: the significant role of culture in the close political relations between Italy and Japan from the Meiji Restoration until 1945”) as a guest researcher in the Institute of Japanese Identity, at Takushoku University, Tokyo.

His novel “Doromizu. Acqua torbida” (murky waters) was published by Mondadori in 2016, and was chosen as finalist for the Acqui Storia Prize. In 2017 he published “La Via del Sol Levante” (the way of the rising sun) with Idrovolante Edizioni, officially mentioned in the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of Italy-Japan relations.

Convinced that the ability of serving the country as a diplomat can only gain from active involvement in the arts, music, and also social and cultural organisations, civil society and the community at large. His articles on culture, history and Asia issues often appear in the Italian press.

Diplomacy isn’t about flopping along. It requires both courage and imagination, and a smile.